“We are so busy doing things of outer value that we no longer know what we intend.” ~Joseph Campbell

Branding an individual, a product, or a business requires a deep dive into the backstory that feeds its existence. Where most advertising and marketing firms may help you uncover your general history, competition, and unique point of difference with quantitive and qualitative data, Rhonda adds another level of awareness. She utilizes the traditional avenues of other firms, while also adding a deeper layer to those who are open to it. She works with you to understand and refine your narrative with a thorough assessment of all the elements that will bring your initiatives to fruition. She builds on mainstream market testing with esoteric methods like astrology and numerology, which offer information you may not of have considered before. Rhonda adhere’s to the adage credited to the Roman philosopher, Seneca that says, “Luck is when preparation meets opportunity.” She feels adding this extra dimension of insight better aligns your narrative, expertise, and intentions with the right timing, talent, and customer base. She develops a Strategic Brand Manifesto that gives you a visceral vision of who you are as an individual or company, how your team works together, and by what means you can achieve your ultimate goals. Many brands have names that come from mythological roots. Consider brands like Nike, the name of the Goddess of Victory. The automobile named Mercury, a name associated with the Messenger of the Gods, the God of travel, and the planet in our solar system that moves the fastest around the sun. Amazon, is the name of the mythological women warriors and a force to be reckoned with. The word logo, which we associate with the graphic symbol that brands a name actually means word, it is the implicit reason for being. The Nike check mark carries traits of the wings on the Goddess of Victory. Starbuck’s logo depicts a graphic similar to the Goddess of the Sea, Siren with her twin tail and mermaid stature. We also see fortunate numbers represented in brands like Google whose name was supposed to represent the number 1 followed by 100 zeros known as Googol, which inadvertently got misspelled to what it is today. Rhonda excavates down to the pure core of your brand then applies techniques to energetically link your brand to archetypes in the collective unconscious that most represents the implicit reason for your brand’s existence in the market. Consider it an archeological journey that will put you in alignment with more than you can imagine.

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